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Service Panel or Sub Panel Upgrades and Repair
Service Panel or Sub Panel Upgrades and Repair

Service Panel or Sub Panel Upgrades and Repair

We upgrade and replace electrical service panels and sub-panels regularly. We secure the permits needed for service panel upgrades and work with SCE to make sure you have minimal downtime during this work. We also work with the SCE planning department for new projects and service upgrades to secure drawings and plans for both underground and overhead electrical service needs.

Replacement of older Zinsco, Federal Pacific, or Sylvania electrical panels with newer style electrical panels.

Service Upgrades

  • Change your electrical service from Overhead to Underground.
  • Run conduit for new electrical service location
  • Remove a customer owner electrical pole.
  • Replace existing electrical panel.
  • Upgrade electrical service from 100A to 200A, 200A to 400A, 400A to 600A, or larger.
  • We install surface mounted, semi-flush mounted, and flush mounted electrical panels.

For Repairs:

  • We can troubleshoot “tripping” electrical breakers.
  • Replace old branch and main breakers if needed.
  • Repair overloaded circuit breakers that trip frequently by installation of additional circuits and outlets provided there is capacity.
  • Add circuits for larger appliances like electric vehicle chargers, electric ovens, electric dryers, electric saunas, electric SPA, electric steam unit, etc.
  • Label circuits as needed.
  • Verify proper power.
  • Replace or replace conduit or wire.

When you need help with your home or business electrical system contact us today.